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Scalar and Root Planning
Sometimes due to poor hygiene or genetics, teeth may build debris and calculus at a much higher rate than expected. Calculus becomes extensive and embeds on the surface of your root' sides. At this point, the doctor will recommend a Scalar and Root Planning. In a more common term, it is known as a deep cleaning. The patient will have local anesthesia will an intensive cleaning below the gums and on the surface of the root to stop its damaging effects on your gum health and bone. Calculus has a negative effect on your oral health but can be a good insulator on your roots. After it is removed, it is not uncommon for patients to feel sensitivity. If sensitivity is more than normal, contact your doctor for a desensitizing treatment to help your oral cavity adapt to its new environment. In case of periodontitis detected, the dentist may recommend a special mouth wash to help restore the oral cavity's health. Scalar and root planning patients will be recommended to come back for cleanings more frequently depending on the case. It is ideal that after a scalar and root planning, a patient maintains their hygiene well and follows up with a regular cleaning and check up to ensure proper healing.

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