About Olive Dental Group

Dental Services

We provide a variety of dental services at our office, both restorative and cosmetic. These include treatments such as dental bridges, crowns, dentures, partials, and dental implants. We also provide standard services such as routine cleanings and exams. We encourage all of our patients to visit our office twice a year for routine appointments, as they are integral to maintaining their oral health.

In addition to general oral care, we also provide our patients with dental devices such as custom-made mouth guards for both athletes using them for sports activities (sports guards) and patients who suffer from teeth grinding (night guards). We also offer cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening treatments and veneers. Our team will work with you to achieve the smile you want with a treatment that is comfortable and affordable for you.

Experienced Team

Our dental team is made up of dentists and dental assistants who have years of experience and are knowledgeable about a variety of dental techniques. They stay up to date on developing practices and are skilled at making patients feel at ease. We aim to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to give both children and other anxious patients the confidence to visit us for the dental treatments they need.

Payment Options

To keep our services accessible to as many patients as possible, we accept a variety of methods of payment. Our staff will be happy to assist you with insurance payments and is willing to communicate with insurance companies on our patients’ behalf. Our goal is to make your appointment proceed as smoothly as possible up to the point of payment.

Oral Hygiene Education

At Olive Dental Group, we believe that prevention is better than treatment. That’s why we are happy to offer oral hygiene education to our patients. This is especially important for our younger patients. By developing good oral care habits early, we hope to have patients who are knowledgeable about caring for their teeth and gums. At Olive Dental Group, we focus on prevention and are dedicated to restoring our patients’ oral health if any issues should arise.

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