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Cosmetic Dentistry In Houston, TX

There are a lot of reasons why having a great smile is important. When you have a great smile, you are inclined to smile more, which is indicative of increased self-confidence. The more you smile, the more favorable the perception others will have of you. There is a correlation between smiling and success. It is also indicative of happiness. The happier you are, the more you smile. With that in mind, there are several reasons why people choose to have cosmetic procedures performed. The goal is to make your teeth look great, and by utilizing Olive Dental Group’s cosmetic dentistry services in Houston, we can address any cosmetic issue you may be facing.

What are Some Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions?

There are three main cosmetic dentistry solutions. The first one is dental bonding. This procedure takes less than an hour and is designed to cover small areas of imperfections. The next procedure is teeth whitening. The way teeth whitening works is that you will get a set of trays that are formed from an impression. Then, you will have to use the trays and the bleaching solution to color your teeth. Finally, veneers are used to cover your tooth with a bright white cap. Several things are needed to make veneers work, though.

What are the Differences Between Solutions?

The biggest difference is the amount of time you will spend at the dentist office. Dental bonding takes less than an hour and can be completed in a single appointment. The next treatment – teeth whitening will have to be completed in two appointments. One will be for the dentist to take the impression, and the other will be to pick up your supplies. Veneers take several appointments because they have to be specially made and the dentist will have to file your teeth to make sure the veneers fit the way they should.

Whatever you choose, your teeth will look great after your visit to our office. Give us a call at the Olive Dental Group in Houston, TX, to learn more.

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