Crowns In Houston, TX

One of the most common dental appliances found in patients mouths is crowns. The reason crowns are so useful is because they are quite durable and essentially function as a new tooth on top of a tooth that has been compromised. There are several reasons to get crowns, and perhaps the thing that ties all of these reasons together is that there is underlying damage to the tooth making it so that the tooth itself cannot remain in the mouth without assistance. A crown will cover your entire tooth – all the way to the gum line. At Olive Dental Group in Houston, TX, we make sure to exhaust all options before recommending crowns, and will only install them once we have determined that it is the best solution to address your dental problems.

Why Do People Need Dental Crowns?

The reason dental crowns are needed is there is usually a problem with the underlying structure of the tooth. For example, if the pulp inside the tooth is infected, this will result in the tooth being compromised because excising the infected pulp involves a root canal which means that part of the tooth must be drilled out. Another reason could be an abscess, but the reality is when the dental pulp is not well, the tooth itself is not well, and that’s when crowns are needed.

How Would I Get Dental Crowns?

Once it is determined that you need a crown, the first step is to take an impression. The impression will then be sent to the lab where they will make the crown. In the meantime, we will perform a root canal to get rid of the infected pulp and provide a temporary crown. When the permanent crown arrives, you will come back to the office, and we will attach the crown. Once it is in place, you can go about your life as if you never had the problem in the first place. At Olive Dental Group, our experience in installing dental crowns is extensive, so give us a call today to book your appointment.

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