Root Canals

Root Canals In Houston, TX

There are a lot of people who hear that they need a root canal and immediately have a lot of fear about what is to come. To be fair, a root canal is not the most pleasant procedure, but avoiding a root canal is something that could cause you to lose a tooth. That being said, one thing that is really important is making sure that patients are comfortable when going through a root canal procedure. This is an involved procedure, but when done right, a patient’s quality of life is vastly improved because a tooth is saved, and the infected area of the tooth is cleaned. Performing root canals is something we do regularly here at Olive Dental Group in Houston, TX. Our team understands the needs of people who are in need of root canals, and at our practice, we take care of them accordingly.

Who Needs Root Canals?

A root canal is recommended when a patient is in a situation where they have an infection in their dental pulp. The pulp is the area inside the tooth filled with small capillaries and nerve tissue. When this area gets infected, patients tend to feel a lot of pain. When x-rays show positive signs of infection, a root canal will be performed. The goal of a root canal is to get rid of all of the infected tissue right away, so the infection does not spread throughout the mouth.

How Are Root Canals Performed?

Performing a root canal is a relatively simple procedure. The first step is taking an impression of the tooth so that we can have the lab fashion a permanent crown. Then we drill into the tooth and take our time removing the infected tissue and cleaning the area so that an infection won’t come back. At that point, we fit you with a temporary crown. When the new crown arrives, you come back and get the permanent crown placed. At this point, your tooth will be as good as new.

Getting a root canal isn’t something to worry about, give us a call at Olive Dental Group in Houston, TX to schedule your appointment today.

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